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we create 3d images for architecture and design

Studio Vir was born with the mission to launch an authorial and exclusive look at the real estate and architecture market. We are specialized in creating images from computer graphics to represent architecture, decoration and design projects. The rigor in the details -- in the modeling of the furniture, in the materials applied, in the search for the best light and in the composition of each scene -- transforms each work into a journey into the projects. With a level of reality that merges with photography, we reveal to each client what is to come.

Our projects are unique

Studio Vir's projects are 100% authorial and carefully designed for the needs of each client.

We privilege the highest quality

One of Vir's differentials is the high quality that we print in the design and completion of all our products.

We shape your dream

Our goal is to make customers' dreams tangible with the help of technology, shaping environments that only exist on paper.

try our unique vision

Give your customers an absolutely new perspective.

Count on our expertise to create great projects.